Everything Happens Somewhere


I wasn’t born early enough to meet their days but thanks to education, I was taught from my basic school that our forefathers had a different lifestyle and operated on different economic system. They were basically manual hard working people. They spent their entire time cultivating food on farms several kilometers or miles away from home. Others spent a lot of time in the bush in search of animals to kill for meat. Obviously, the 24hrs was not enough for one to do all these activities. The one that were involved in hunting would come home with enough meat but no [...]

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GIS!! A Vehicle For Structuring Problems, Finding Answers, And For Expressing Solutions


For some time now the GIS industry is showing it relevance in Ghana. A lot has embraced it and efforts are been made to incorporate it into the already existing areas like the security, politics, governance, health sector, energy sector, just to mention a few. However there is an unofficial debate about what GIS really is and how it should be handled. I have heard from professors, PhD holders, Masters, Graduates, and other people from various backgrounds including geography that GIS is a tool just like excel, SPSS, or any statistical tool and need not to be pursued as an academic [...]

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Once upon a somewhere: the challenges of putting books on the map by Alex Mackie


FOR HIS GIS MASTERS DISSERTATION at the University of Edinburgh, Alex Mackie chose to mix two subjects close to his heart: books and maps. There is undoubtedly commercial value to mapping books but this has been largely ignored by the industry. If books are properly georeferenced then location-aware e-readers and tablets can use their user’s location to recommend locally relevant books or provide the option to search for books relating to intended holiday destinations or places of interest. This extends the principle that physical bookstores already recognize a demand for locally relevant books, with Waterstones and other retailers stocking shop windows [...]

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GIS or Geospatial – does it matter and why now?


THREADS ON THE RELATIONSHIP between GIS and the wider world of ICT are common on social media. While posts like “is GIS splitting?” appear contrived to stir debate, others seem genuinely confused over the distinction between the concept of a geographic information system and geospatial technology in general. Such distinctions can be dismissed as semantic, but the focus on ‘GIS’ can reflect an implicit assumption that spatial is somehow apart from general ICT. Should we be concerned by posts like “where should a GIS unit belong in an organisation” or “is it important to keep GIS out of the IT department”? [...]

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Is it Time for Slow Learning in GIS?


Everything is speeding up but I’m going to suggest slowing down. My guess it that the phrase ‘slow learning’ is new to many readers. Slow learning is a vision for less formulaic, less time-driven learning. It’s self-directed (students select the topics to learn), long-lasting (more like lifelong learning than finishing a course, grade or degree), authentic (based on real world activities), and supports, and is supported by, a learning community. Slow learning joins other slow movements such as slow food, which aims “to prevent the disappearance of local food cultures and traditions, to counteract the rise of fast life…” and slow [...]

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Every GIS Student’s Nightmare – Finding a Research Topic


At conferences students ask me to suggest projects for course or capstone projects*, even after they have completed two or more courses (or years!) studying geospatial technology, science and use. Posts on a variety of GIS forums and discussion areas seek the same kind of help. How can educators and those of us in the field mentor students in this important part of their education? Why is Selection so Hard? Most of the queries I get are from undergraduates and masters students. In most cases, they can explore anything of interest that ties into GIS, geography and spatial analysis, in any [...]

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