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We seek to network all GIS & Remote Sensing Professionals and enthusiasts.


Where Geospatial Media is an outreach Team that seeks to network all GIS & Remote Sensing Professionals and enthusiasts provide Peer-to-peer support to each other and keep up to the trends and changes in the industry. We engage in four (4) main services namely building a geospatial community, geospatial blogging, online tutorials, webinar and conference organisation.


Join the Geospatial community to be updated on opportunities and educative materials and also contribute to the wider development and enhancement of the geospatial industry worldwide.

  • Free Access To Data – Members of this community have unlimited access to data on our website

  • Free GIS Courses – Periodically, we develop courses in GIS to equip members in their field of work

  • Project Participation – Members have the opportunity to the partake in projects that Where Geospatial Media embarks on. You will get to work with top-notch industry players as well as building a better profile for yourself.


Where Geospatial Media wish to build a geospatial community that networks all geospatial professionals to provide peer-to-peer support. This community provides a platform where people can get response to their challenges and question in real time with instant messenger like WhatsApp or Telegram.

We also want to create a database of all geospatial professionals so we can share opportunities to all and give everyone equal opportunity. The larger the network, the more we achieve this goal. So share with the geospatial professionals you know.

Where Geospatial Community wish to provide a platform for all geospatial professionals to share their opinions on things that happens around us. It is time to let people know that the work they do in the office affects our work as well, the work by Ghana Statistical Service, Lands Commission, Ghana Spatial Authority, EPA and others affect our efficiency. Where Geospatial Media want to provide voice for all geospatial professional.

Anyone who wants to share articles related to GIS may share with us via email; info@wheregeospatial.com. These articles will be shared on the Blog page of our website. NB: writers will be duly acknowledged.

Where Geospatial Media also has a tutorial studio where we will be providing tutorials on geospatial concepts. We are using a method we term

4WH which means if we take one concept, we discuss:

  • What is…?
  • When do we do….?
  • Why do we do …?
  • How do we do ….?

The potential of GIS is unlimited, people are still discovering how GIS/Remote Sensing can help them make better decisions in the profession. It is the mission of Where Geospatial Media to explain and share with all how GIS/Remote Sensing is and can be applied to various disciplines and professions. We will be holding periodic webinar where we share with people so we can all learn and be inspired to try to use these technologies for something new in your work place.




Upcoming & Past Events

GIS Approach To Curb Helminths

July 1, 2019 @ 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM UTC+0

GIS Day 2019

November 13, 2019 - November 30, 2019

GIS Day 2020

November 18, 2020 - November 30, 2020

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