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With the breeze of COVID-19 still blowing in every corner of the world, we are sure that this year’s GIS DAY will be virtual. GIS has demonstrated to be very helpful in combating this pandemic, Risk areas have been identified, hotspots pointed out and trends predicted.

Where Geospatial wishes to express our gratitude to all Geospatial enthusiasts and professionals. Many have come to appreciate our role during this pandemic through your beautiful maps and dashboards.

This year we want to remind all that this is not the first time we have saved the world, so let’s go back to where it all started making sense.

John Snow became a hero in 1854 when he used principles of geographic referenced data to identify the source of cholera disease and gave power to the health sector.

1. Download the John Snow’s data from here
2. Using spatial analyst or spatial statistics tools available now and show what could have been done better if the incident happened in our day.
3. Compose a map showing your results and share on our social media handles available on this page too.


Download the John Snow data here:

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