What we seek to achieve

We seek to engage and provide relevant information to the geospatial community on the application of Geographic Information System (GIS) and Remote Sensing (RS) technologies in various disciplines and industries. Our approach in providing this is by collaborating with Individuals, Agencies, Institutions and Organizations to share their content with the network of geospatial community to update themselves in the industry.

Who qualifies to do a webinar?

Any individual, Agency, institution and organization that believe have content to share with the Geospatial community is highly welcome use our platform and take advantage of our geospatial network FREE of Charge. Kindly provide the details of your Webinar and our team will contact you for further arrangement to ensure your desire is accomplish.

Why host a webinar with us?

Where Geospatial Media currently has a network of Geospatial Professionals that share and provide professional support to each other. There are over 100s of professionals hungry for the geospatial knowledge. Where Geospatial Media will provide FREE technical support to ensure a successful webinar. We will share your webinar on all our social media networks and professional networks on telegram and WhatsApp to ensure as many people as possible will attend your webinar. We will record and share your content on our YouTube channel and give you the full acknowledgement. Our team is ready to provide voluntary support to ensure your webinar becomes successful.

How the webinar will be delivered

First of all, you will need to fill the form below to choose your topic, audience, time and date you will be available to share your content. Our team will review this and contact you personally to discuss the details to ensure there will be people available to support you. On the webinar day, our team will set the system and connect you. Q&A will be facilitated by our Team and recorded for distribution to attendees after the webinar.

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