GIS for Mapping Buried Utilities – Interview with Neil Brammall


Niall Conway, editor of GIS Professional, spoke to Neil Brammall of Utility Information Services Ltd., a UK-based consultancy and services business which focuses on mapping buried utilities. In the following interview, Neil shares his thoughts on the potential of geospatial solutions and services for the purposes of keeping these valuable assets (and the people around them) safe and secure. GIS Professional: Welcome to GIS Professional, Neil. How did you get into the world of GIS? Neil Brammall: My background is in academia where I specialised in cognitive computing (Natural Language specifically), and the start of my career outside academia was in applying [...]

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Career Expectations for the GIS Professional: Utilities


This is the final part of three articles pertaining to what to expect as a GIS Professional on a chosen career path. Part 1 focused on what one can expect if they choose a career in government, while, Part 2 focused on what to expect in the private sector. Utilities are a Diverse Assortment There are a wide variety of utilities. At face value there is water, gas, electric, and sewer. But, take a deeper dive, and you will find that utilities present the greatest opportunities for the GIS professional. Water Utilities, for example, include Drinking Water (Potable), Recycled Water, and [...]

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